No Friend of Mine

I would slit every one of their throats If it meant saving even one of you. How ego-centric humankind must be To believe that God placed kin on this Earth for the sole use of humankind. If there is a God, I pray to him for your swift and painless last moments, If not survival.... Continue Reading →


(This is a re-upload, as I had to take the original down as it was being submitted to a magazine. This is a slightly edited version. Enjoy!)   Myriads of threads peruse  Such permeable thoughts I am their muse; They'll wander, prod Suggest, nod Until they find footing in the crevices I so carefully attend... Continue Reading →

Update ♡

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that the posts 'Endosymbionts' and 'Avow' have been temporarily deleted off my blog (for a couple of months) as they have been submitted to a magazine for publishing! If the pieces are unsuccessful, I'll put them straight back up when I know, and if they're successful... Continue Reading →

First Steps

A rift cascaded across the sky the clouds bled blue the watch clocked twelve and a star shone through the white vapour veins of Earth. Never had I felt such vastness as the veins struck across the sky capillaries joining side to side and I felt my limbs a mimicry, fractals of ingenious design. And... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Light of Home

Eclectic electric lights shatter the space in strobe, fragments the people only to prove them whole again. And reaching out for you feels like   falling       in    slow        motion  only to resume time when your hand’s in mine once more. “Two,” I say, and my head rolls away  as... Continue Reading →

The Greats

All I want Is the voice of W.B. Yeats In his glorious prime; The all-seeing mind of Borges In his infinite intertwines; The audacity of Szymborska (whose mouth would curl at this pitiful sight); The lyrical grace of Mansfield Who wove tragedy to the conceptual divine I want to find my Innisfree Where peace comes... Continue Reading →

The Garden

It's been three weeks to the day Since last your lips lay upon my heart Since those thumbs pressed against my bones And my ribcage aches with the knowledge That all that should grow in your wake Shall be fed with the loss of our love. So while the tendrils tread forth To permeate gossamer... Continue Reading →

I didn’t know you Existed

Approaching the glass, my heart pounded, and stopped altogether once I saw him — A slim, pale figure offset by deep blue, carved in a manner that defied any one shape, and instead accentuated the slight movements between his still frame.  His limbs flowed gently past perimeters of placements that housed him, extending his surroundings, crafting... Continue Reading →

A poem whose words weave a stunning image and pack a powerful punch
– your writing is incredible Melody!

Melody Chen

when he first sees her, his lips are already stained
claret, from the scores of girls he’s drunk in tonight.
she serves her name to him in a crystal flute
all clinks and bubbles, and he tells her
he has never known one before.

i want to take her by the stem, say
woman, you have waited an eternity
oak and steel, to be kissed by a man
the right way, who swirls
twirls, legs dancing to all the right rhythms.

he has been waiting for a fruit like this
the way your light body sways.
amber eyes, floral bouquet-
his tongue has been dry for a while
but darling, riesling, you are all sugar.

it’ll be love at first sip, of course
something that balances this lush, this crisp
tannin, cinnamon, tucked away for later.
he will learn that soon and for it
keep you close, maybe even…

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Indigo Blue

I was in love with her mind.  Her full lips shaped the quiet words that so rarely she spoke, but so often were filled with knowledge beyond her years; She was how I imagined myself to be  Only smarter, fuller, with a smile more wary; But I held the upper ground on empathetic comprehension; I... Continue Reading →

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